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May 2022: ‘Stop Messin About’ – Interview with Simon Kingsley

Ahead of its two showings at the Headgate on Saturday 21st May, Simon Kingsley answers a few questions about his upcoming show Stop Messin About, a Celebration of Kenneth Williams

1. What first attracted you to doing a one man cabaret about Kenneth Williams?
I wanted to bring some joy after a very depressing two years and who better to celebrate than the great Kenny Williams. The stories and anecdotes are incredibly funny and a joy to tell.
2. Why should people come and see Stop Messin About?
It’s a fun evening with stories and songs to celebrate the great man himself. Good for those who fancy a good laugh
3. How would you describe the show in three words?
Fun, interesting and nostalgic
4. Why did you become an actor?
Because I can’t do anything else. I was bitten by ‘the show bug’ at the age of 8 and never looked back. I am happiest when I’m on stage and get a real kick out of entertaining people
5. Which is your favourite Kenneth Williams quote?
‘Stop messin about’, of course. My favourite story has got to be the one about sharing a hotel with Edith Evans and the waiter breaking wind.

Stop Messin About: A Celebration of Kenneth Williams
Saturday 21st May 2022
2:30pm and 7:30pm

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