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Friends, Romans, thespians!


You may think you know the story. You may think you know the play. You may think of the word MONSTER. But this production will challenge your perception of The Creature as the ensemble tell the story from his birth through to the tremendous climax.

Our next Headgate Theatre Productions auditions will be coming soon!  We have the rights to the Nick Dear interpretation of this play – which starred Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Miller when performed at The National Theatre.

Our version of the play is to be directed by Paul T Davies and is an exciting new take on an old story.

On Monday June 20th there is an opportunity to find out more about the play and how it will be produced when Paul will do a “Director’s Pitch” and open workshop to explore the overview of the show and vision, and will also outline the characters, the rehearsal process and his ambition for ensemble ‘beatbox’ support

Auditionees will be able to attend on one of the following dates:

27th June 19:30 – 22:00 Studio

29th June 19:30 – 22:00 Rehearsal Room

Production week will be 16th – 19th November 2022

Hope to see you there on 20th!

Register for the Director’s Pitch workshop here



THE CREATURE will be played by disabled actor Harry Bowen.

VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN- Age range 20-40s. Genius scientist who has given life. Tortured by his discovery and knowledge.

The size of THE ENSEMBLE is not fixed, but from them will be-

De Lacey- a blind man, 60s, befriends the Creature. We welcome applications from partially sighted performers for this role.

FELIX- His son, 20s/30s

AGATHA- His daughter in law, 20s/30s. All these characters are rural workers.

MONSIEUR FRANKENSTEIN- Victor’s father, 60s. Traditionalist.

ELIZABETH LAVENZA- Frankenstein’s fiancée, 20s, a woman ahead of her time.

CLARICE- Her maid, any age.

WILLIAM FRANKENSTEIN- Victor’s brother, a boy, playing age up to 12.


GRETEL- a prostitute.

GUSTAVE and Klaus- beggars.

EWAN- An Orkney islander, convincing Scottish accent required. 40s but flexible age range.

RAB- His nephew. Teens/20s.

The ensemble will also play a Constable, Townspeople, Servants, machines, factories and the Arctic Circle! Lots of opportunities for multi-rolling!

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