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Frequently Asked Questions

If we don’t answer your question below it may already be answered on another page of our website. Alternatively you can call us on 01206 366000 or email tickets@headgatetheatre.co.uk

Whilst social distancing measures are in place, we will be making specific arrangements for each event, details of which we will let you know of in the information supporting the ticket booking.

What provision is there for wheelchair users and those with an assistance dog?

Full details about the accessibility of the theatre to those with a disability can be found here.

Can I get a refund or exchange my ticket?

Full details can be found on our Box Office page here.

How long is the performance / I need to book a taxi in advance?

For many of the productions at the theatre, the running time may not be available until the dress rehearsal the day before the first performance. When you arrive at the theatre the finish time will be shown in the main foyer behind the desk, and on a clock near the lift. Otherwise, please contact the Box Office for details on the day. If it is not staffed, then we will respond to messages as soon as possible.

What time does the Box Office and the Bar open?

Normally, both the Bar and Box Office open 45 minutes before the show starts. Whilst social distancing measures are in place, we will be making specific arrangements for each event, which we will let you know of in advance.

What happens If I’m late for a performance?

We’ll get you to your seat at the earliest opportunity, avoiding disturbing the audience and performers. Sometimes this won’t be until the interval and in the meantime you may be asked to sit towards the back of the auditorium if there is room. Otherwise the performance can possibly be seen on a TV screen in the bar so you don’t miss any of the action.

Do you have a cloakroom?

There is a cloakroom area on the first floor adjacent to the lounge/bar area. Large items such as rucksacks and full shopping bags are not permitted in the auditorium as they may cause a fall or impede any emergency exit required. These items can be stored separately if you ask our front of house team when you arrive. There is no charge and items are left at the owner's risk.

Will there be any strobe or special effects such as smoke, haze or gunshots during the performance?

This may not always be known until the day of the first performance. Please check the entry on Ticketsource or contact the Box Office at the time of your booking and we will do our best to resolve your query.

What does the guidance in a show description mean?

Some of the events have guidance relating to the content such as language, violence or sexual content. The entries in our brochure and publicity material are provided to us by the production company, and we do not take responsibility for any omissions in their material. Some performances may contain material or tackle subjects which are not suitable for a younger audience. It is at the discretion of the parent or guardian whether a show is suitable. Adult age ratings are not subject to discretion and are enforced to protect vulnerable audiences from mature material. If you have any concerns, please contact the Box Office where they will be happy to advise.

Can I take photos or video during the show?

Not usually, no. Please don’t whip out your fancy smartphone or camera during a performance. The making of recordings or photography, with or without flash, is forbidden unless prior permission has been obtained. Ignoring this can get you removed from the venue.

Do you serve food before your shows?

We do not offer food at theatre, other than snacks available at the bar.

Are drinks allowed in the auditorium?

We have a flexible policy on this which is determined on an event by event basis, depending on the size of the audience. Our Bar and Front of House volunteers can advise at the time of your visit. Drinks are not allowed for front row seats as there is a risk of spillage onto the stage.

Do you hire out costumes?

Unfortunately, we don’t run a costume hire service.