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Normal seating
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Stage left wing
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An end-on or traverse space suitable for drama and musical theatre productions, live music, lectures, and large group presentations. Full black masking drapes and a black floor. Rostra available for split level areas.

Capacity: 81 with standard seating. 87 with additional row. 79 in traverse layout. (These figures include 2 house seats) All or part of row A can be removed to increase performance area. Diagrams of seating layouts can be found here.

Performance area: Black floor with step up into rear apse and full black masking drapes. A floor plan of the auditorium with dimensions can be accessed here.

Facilities: Main dressing room from SR wing with accessible toilet. Additional space available at rear of stage.

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible via side entrance to theatre adjacent to auditorium door

Tech Specs: A full technical specification of the Main House is available here.

Contracts and policies: Details of our contracts, policies and terms are available here.

For further details or to book please call 01206 530257, or email hiring@headgatetheatre.co.uk

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