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July Wednesday 1st - Saturday 4th at 7pm + Sat matinée at 2pm

Gargling With Jelly  by  Brian Patten

Chameleon's Web Theatre Company

Jenny is a lively streetwise girl with a special talent for writing zany poems. Sadly, everything in Jenny's world is grey and boring. It's all because of the evil Dr Sensible and her terrible medicine. Jenny is the last child to resist the Doctor's evil clutches and she now has 4 days to find the antidote and save the world! Suitable for all the family!

Tickets: £10, £8 (conc)
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July Saturday 11th at 2.30pm and 7.30pm

Summer Spectacular

Tara Bennett Vocal School Production

Please come and join us for our annual summer concert showcasing the talents of singers and musicians from Essex and Suffolk. You will be treated to an eclectic mix of acoustic, love and lounge songs, jazz, folk and country music, and even some opera and musical theatre. This will be a wonderful show to see, so come and support your local singers and treat yourself to a fabulous time as well!

Tickets: £8
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July Tuesday 14th - Saturday 18th at 7.45pm

The Thrill of Love  by  Amanda Whittington

Headgate Theatre Productions

Love, murder and a trip to the gallows. The story of Ruth Ellis galvanised the nation in 1955, and newspaper coverage and public support hastened the ending of the death penalty. This gripping play looks behind the headlines and reveals that the truth is never pure - and rarely simple.

Tickets: £11, £9 (conc)
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July Sunday 19th at 1pm and 3pm

Our British Classics  by  Tom Wells

Tom Wells

DOT Productions Youth Groups brings you a summer spectacular full of British Classics! Our talented groups with special guests 'Smart Steps School of Dance' will entertain you with plays, songs and dance all from British masterpieces.

Tickets: £5
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July Monday 20th - Tuesday 21st at 7.30pm

An Evening of Clairvoyance

Ronnie Buckingham

Ronnie aims to prove the existence of an afterlife to members of the audience by passing on information from their friends and relatives in the spirit world. Details seemingly trivial to everyone else, are evidential to the recipients and can convince them that their friends are alive and well in the afterlife!

Tickets: £13
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July Thursday 23rd at 7.45pm

The Terror Beneath the Boards

Truelove Tours

Written and Performed by Darren Gooding, Music by Tina Gooding and Magical Advisor - Dean Allen Jones. An unspeakable Terror invades Steinmann & Pennyflute's Theatre of Magic. Can ultimate rationalist Max Steinmann explain away a headless horror lurking beneath the boards, before his performers resign en-mass? Leopold Thorn returns to the smoggy streets of Victorian London. Occasional strong language. Not suitable for young children.

Tickets: £9, £7 (conc)
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July Friday 24th - Saturday 25th at 8pm

Hit and Myth

Stapled to a Chicken

"These jokes are Classics." A laughfest of legendary proportions. Those monsters of comedy, Stapled to a Chicken, brazenly invite you to witness a (K)night of heroism, narcissism and nepotism; featuring comic sketches straining to contain the deepest derring do and merriest mythology known to man. (Features specifically strong language and adult themes. No Dragons were harmed in the making of this show)

Tickets: £10
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July Monday 27th - Friday 31st from 9.30am to 4.30pm

Jersey Boys

Polka Dot Musical Theatre Workshop for 8 to 16 yr Olds

This 5-day workshop will end with a free performance for an invited audience on the last day. Places are limited and will be allocated as money is received. Please call the box office for details, an application form and to book.

Tickets: £90
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August Saturday 8th at 7.30pm

Northanger Abbey  by  Jane Austen

DOT Productions

Catherine Morland lives in a small village, Fullerton, with her family. Friends invite Catherine to visit tourist hot-spot Bath with them. Catherine's views of life outside of her small town are highly coloured by the romantic Gothic novels she reads Will Catherine's imagination be her downfall? DOT Productions brings you this witty adaptation of 'Northanger Abbey' in its usual comedic style.

Tickets: £12
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August Tuesday 25th 9am to 3pm

Summer Dance Day 2015

Catherine Pickering School of Dance

A creative fun day of dance. A brilliant summer holiday activity. 6 years +. Everybody welcome. For more information contact Stephanie 07723 589020 or

Tickets: £15
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August Sunday 30th at 7pm

An Evening with Stray Kats

Stray Kats

KATS has had its home at the Headgate since its beginning and over the years has encouraged many young people to develop their confidence and self-esteem through drama. For one night only some of the original KATS reunite to present old favourite sketches and new hilarious material.

Tickets: £7, £5 (conc)
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September Saturday 12th 2pm to 5pm

Theatre Skills Workshops - Up Close and Personal

Colchester Theatre Group

We welcome back professional director, Wendy Smith, who will get us involved in intimate and personal scenes without embarrassment. These workshops are ideal whether you are a complete novice or fancy a refresher. Over 16s only.

Tickets: £6 (CTG members), £8 (non-members)
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September Wednesday 16th - Saturday 19th at 7.45pm + Sat matinée at 2.30pm

Quartet  by  Ronald Harwood

Three elderly former opera-singers live in a home for retired musicians. They are about to be joined by newcomer Jean, who was once a great opera star. These four were famous for their rendition of the Quartet in Verdi's 'Rigoletto'. Will they sing together once again for the gala concert despite Jean's adamant refusal?

Tickets: £11, £9 (conc)
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September Sunday 27th at 2pm and 6pm

Hats off to Laurel and Hardy

Headgate Theatre Productions

This popular show about the lives of Arthur Stanley Jefferson (Stan) and Norvell Hardy (Ollie) will guide you through their early lives, their steady rise to international stardom, the decline of their movie careers and their phoenix-like revival on the stages of Europe. It details their unerring devotion to each other. Expect highlights from their huge canon of work, accompanied by a little singing and some questionable dancing. You will laugh your socks off before finally having your heart broken.

Tickets: £12