Theatre Arts Action Trust

The Theatre operates as a Company Limited by Guarantee and is registered as a charity. The Objectives of the Trust can be summarised as the provision of a building which can be used for:

  • The promotion of amateur theatre, educational drama and other associated performing arts,
  • The promotion of public appreciation of the art of drama and other associated performing arts.
  • Performance by schools and teachers of performing arts in all its forms.
  • Promotion of arts based activity for special interest groups

Strategic oversight of the operation and development of the theatre rests with a small group of Trustees. The current non executive Trustees are

  • John Enfield (Community Interest)
  • Norman Ryan (Financial Interest)
  • Jill Knight (Staffing and Volunteer Interest)

The Chair of the Management Committee and the Treasurer also form part of the Board, with the Company Secretary acting as adviser to the Trustees.

The main business of the theatre is organised through the Management Committee, which meets quarterly, and a range of sub-groups which incorporate a wider range of volunteers.

For any further information about the Trust, please email


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